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Are your loans available everywhere in the U.S. ?

Yes, except for very rural areas, commercial mortgages are available in all 50 states.

Do you work with loan brokers ?

Yes we do.  Please see our broker info page.

Are there commercial properties you will not finance ?

There are some specific properties we can not loan on; such as stand alone restaurants, gas stations, vacant land, non-income producing property, special purpose properties, marinas, bars and sports arenas

Where does the loan close ?

Generally, our borrowers will make arrangements with a local title and escrow company for closing.  Local appraisers that are familiar with the local market will be hired to do an appraisal.

How long does it take to fund a loan ?

In most cases they occur with 45 to 60 days of receipt of application.

How many appraisals do you require ? Only one


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